About Us

Cole Training and Operations is a part of Cole Engineering Group Ltd.

We believe that successful operation and maintenance of any water supply or wastewater treatment system depends on the skills, abilities and knowledge of its operators. To ensure that operators remain knowledgeable and capable of carrying out their tasks effectively, it is critical that they have access to quality continuing education and training.

We offer over 60 courses on a wide variety of water and wastewater topics. All of our courses are offered as both on-site and off-site live classroom training with our seasoned instructors who provide technical information in formats that help maintain interest and topical focus. We work with you to ensure that training is focused on your needs and is consistent with your organization's goals and objectives.

We are committed to providing up-to-date training to your operators to meet the constantly changing regulatory environment. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients.

If you need further information or clarification, please contact us at 1-833-265-3434.

Now offering hands-on training at your facility with our fully equipped training trailer.