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Ian Smith - Advisor and Senior Training Specialist

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Ian Smith is a Senior Operations and Training Consultant with Cole Training. With more than 30 years of experience in managerial roles, Ian has monitored the progress of various projects while duly involved in labour relations matters as a first-line supervisor. As a technical trainer, he has also been involved in the creation and development of courses that are in line with Ministry of Environment training requirements, and has conceived, developed and prepared operations and process manuals.



Water Environment Federation (WEF) 

Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) 

Member of the 5S society – Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers



Aboriginal Water and Wastewater Association of Ontario – Appreciation award "For unparalleled dedication to operator training and outstanding contribution to the AWWAO Operations Challenge"

Water Environment Federation - William D. Hatfield Award, 2004 “For outstanding performance and professionalism in the operation of a wastewater treatment facility”

Cordell Samuels - Advisor and Senior Training Specialist

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1-833-265-3434 / 1-833-COLE434, 905-940-6161

Cordell Samuels has 40 years of experience in operations and maintenance of large wastewater treatment plants and other large industrial facilities. A resourceful, detail oriented professional, who displays adaptability in responding to the changing work environment, Cordell has experience in management, operations and training of facility personnel. He is genuinely intent in developing others to foster their long term success and growth, uses initiative to deal with issues proactively, and acts independently in decision making. He uses innovation to enhance performance by being creative, promoting new ideas, and introducing new solutions and procedures. He also displays leadership to create and communicate a vision and engage others in its achievement. He believes in teamwork and being a part of a team and works cooperatively with others towards a common goal.



Guest Lecturer (Wastewater Treatment Course) at University of Toronto and Ryerson University 

General Course in Engineering (Kitson College for Technology) 

Past member of the Water Environmental Research Foundation 

President of Water Environment Federation (WEF), 2012-2013 

Board of Directors of Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), 2010-2013



2013 – Chair of the WEF Nomination Committee 

2013 – Served as WEF Past President 

2012 – Served as WEF President 

2011 – Served as WEF President Elect 

2007 – Elected to the WEF Board of Directors 

2010 – Elected WEF Vice President 

2007 – Selected for the Board of Directors of the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) 

2006 – Chair of the WEAO Government Affairs Committee 

2006 – Served as Past President of the WEAO 

2005 – Chaired WEFMAX for WEAO in Toronto 

2005 – President of the WEAO 

2004 – Vice President of the WEAO 

2003 – Director of the WEF representing Ontario 

2002 – Chair of the WEF Collections System Committee to 2005 

2000 – Chair of the WEAO Seminar Committee 

2000 – Featured in WEF member newsletter “Highlights” for the month of June 

1996 – Awarded Water Environment Federation William D. Hatfield Award “in recognition of outstanding performance on works, operation, management and advancement of knowledge in the field of water pollution control”

1996 – Water Environment Association of Ontario Operations Challenge Judge to 1999 (WEAO) 

1997 – Elected to the 5S Society 

1997 – Invited to join the Operations Challenge Committee of the Water Environment Federation (WEF)

1998 – Chaired the WEAO annual conference (WEAO)

1998 – Chair of WEAO Long Range Planning Committee in Ontario

1999 – Elected to the Board of Directors of the WEAO for a 3-year term 

1999 – Co-chair of the WEAO Collection System Committee until 2002



Sample of the papers and presentation delivered by Cordell: 

Canada's Largest Wastewater Plant Uses Ultrasonic Detection and Digital Radio Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, 2001 

Getting Real about Water Innovation – WaterTap Toronto, June 2013 

Looking Forward in Water Management – ANEAS Mexico, 2012 

Making a Difference in Today's Water Quality Challenges - Hawaii Water Environment Conference, June 2013 

Intelligent Asset Management, Utility Management Conference, 2011

Training is a Priority, Training for the Utility of the Future - GBWWC 2017

Rick Niesink - Course Curriculum Developer

Rick has worked in wastewater treatment and collection for the Region of Niagara for 29 years. He has extensive experience as a wastewater operator and wastewater operations manager for Niagara's 11 wastewater treatment facilities and it's remote facilities. Rick has also worked in other roles, including maintenance, industrial waste inspection, biosolids management and health and safety. He has been active in the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) since 1997 as a competitor and judge for the Operations Challenge. Rick has also been a part of WEAO's Board of Directors for 10 years, and has also volunteered for Water Environment Federation (WEF), including judging for the Operations Challenge at WEFTEC and participating in the Operators of the Future Working Group to develop a curriculum framework for wastewater operators.



Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO)

Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT)



2009 - Awarded the Water Environment Federation's William D. Hatfield Award "In Recognition of Outstanding Performance" on works, operations, management and advancement of knowledge in the field of water pollution control.

2005 - Chaired WEAO's Operations Challenge Committee

2006-2009 - Director for the WEAO

2009-2016 - Chair of the Professional Wastewater Operators Committee (PWO) and representative on WEAO's Board of Directors

2009- Present - Member of the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change (MOECC) Operator Certification Working Group

  • Wastewater Treatment Class 4
  • Wastewater Collection Class 4

George Zukovs - Senior Consultant

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1-833-265-3434 / 1-833-COLE434, 905-940-6161

Mr. Zukovs is a Senior Consultant with over 35 years of experience in environmental science and engineering. Mr. Zukovs specializes in the master planning of wet weather facilities. His experience encompasses the integration of new and innovative technologies with multi-faceted urban pollution control planning. Mr. Zukovs' extensive project management experience includes many large complex and interdisciplinary undertakings. He is the author of numerous technical papers, and is a frequent presenter at international workshops.