Administration, Management and Safety

AMS122 - Log Book and Record Keeping in Water Operations

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This course is designed for Water Treatment and Distribution Operators as well as facility staff. Operators will gain knowledge and understanding of O Reg. 128/04 Section 27 Record Keeping, with regards to Operation of Subsystems and the Facility and various other sections of the Regulations. There will be strong emphasis on ensuring proper log book and record keeping, how and where the information needs to be recorded and the importance of legible, neat, and factual logs and records. Participants will also learn and understand the consequences of non-compliance with these regulations.

Enabling Objectives:

The Basic understanding of:

• Mandatory Regulation O Reg. 128/04 Sections 13,22,23,25,26,27,28
• Schedule 6 of the Ontario Regulations Act 170/03, including Section 6-10
• The Safe Drinking Water Act and the Walkerton Inquiry
• The importance of the Water Quality Management System in Ontario’s Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS).
• The importance of neat, factual logs and records that comply with Legislation and Regulations
• The importance of effective record keeping and Due Diligence
• The role of good record keeping for Ministry inspections of the Operating facility
• The consequence of non-compliance within O Reg. 128/04, and the Ontario Water Resources Act