Administration, Management and Safety

AMS130 - Operator Response Skills and Modern Challenges

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This one-day course uses a light-hearted and humorous approach to draw comparisons to how many Operators today approach their work against proven techniques from the past. As we are well into the 21st century now and technology has changed significantly in the last couple of decades, it has, and will become a veritable fact that operators coming into the business today will have different approaches and work ethics in comparison to their predecessors. It examines how to effectively identify the tools required for an Operator to be successful at their job.  

This course also highlights how the decisions that operators are required to make are of extreme importance and how their actions impact their community as well as co-workers. It will also show how using basic instinctive skills and reasoning to quickly identify and address problems will benefit them in their career. We also identify the pitfalls of modern technology on the job and touches on encountering job ethics.

Topics include:

• Expectations and self evaluation
• Commitment and accomplishment rewards
• Revitalization and motivation
• Focus and concentration
• Using your senses and intuition
• Utilizing available time
• Evaluation and response
• Estimating
• Communication and decision making
• Social Media distractions and benefits

Recommended Participants:

All operations and management staff could benefit from this course.