Administration, Management and Safety

AMS105 - Environmental Compliance Approvals

Length: 1 Day
Fee: 325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This one-day course is structured to introduce the importance of an Environmental Compliance Approval for wastewater operations. The course will review the components of the ECA and how they provide guidance and direction for the terms and conditions under which wastewater facilities must be operated. It will also emphasize the influence and importance this document holds for the responsibilities of an operator.

Enabling Objectives:
The participants shall:

• Understand why ECA’s are Essential Documents for Wastewater Operators
• Understand what an Environmental Compliance Approval is and why it is important to a wastewater operator.
• Understand the components of an ECA and how it influences the way wastewater facilities are operated.
• Understand the role of the Operator Certification Program and how it influences operator duties.
• How an ECA emphasizes the importance of good documentation and record-keeping for facility operations.
• Understand the significance of a good sampling program.

 Recommended Participants:

• This course is designed for anyone that works in the wastewater industry including, operators and managers, as well as an intro for by law enforcement officers.