Administration, Management and Safety

AMS114 - Solving Problems in Wastewater Operations

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This one-day course looks at some of the challenges that Operations staff will face in day to day operations. This course offers a look at problem solving in a more methodical approach by identifying and classifying problems when they arise. The goal is to enlighten Operations staff to recognize the ability to prioritize, plan and execute repairs, while working together to maintain compliance in Operations. It also looks at scenarios that highlight how to narrow problems down to the point where solutions can be found internally or if outside help is required. The course will cover most areas of plant operation from Raw Sewage Sources to Wastewater Treatment Process and equipment, including SCADA and PLC Operation and troubleshooting, as well as Wastewater Collection problems. All Water Operations Staff should find this helpful, as these problematic situations will occur in all wastewater treatment and distribution facilities.

Enabling Objectives:

• Does a problem really exist?
• Classifying the severity of a problem
• Using six basic areas of problem sources to narrow your search
• SCADA and PLC Equipment Operation and Troubleshooting for Operations staff
• Problems associated with Raw Sewage Sources 
• Wastewater Treatment Plant Problems
• Wastewater Collection System Problems