Administration, Management and Safety

AMS140 - Water and Wastewater Facility Projects: An Operations Perspective

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

An Operations Perspective...

Course Objective

This one-day course is structured to illustrate the importance of operations staff participating in the Infrastructure Project Management process for water and wastewater facility projects. The course will review the various phases of a water project, who the stakeholders should be, and what information is needed for the successful completion of the project.

This course will emphasis the significance of the knowledge and experience operations and maintenance staff bring to the table to add value to the water project management process, particularly those projects that will upgrade facilities that must remain operational during construction.
The course is designed for anyone involved in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects, including operations staff such as operators, maintainers, water managers / supervisors, compliance staff, and process engineers and technicians. It is also designed to provide insight into the process for anyone responsible for managing the scope, design and construction of water infrastructure projects, including project managers from municipal engineering, consulting firms and construction companies, as well as any other internal or external stakeholders.

Enabling Objectives

The participants shall:
• Review the Infrastructure Project Management process for Water and Wastewater facilities and its role in the sustainability of the services they provide.
• Understand the importance of good project teams and stakeholder participation throughout the various phases of a project.
• Understand what role operations staff play in water and wastewater projects and what information they need to provide for the project.
• Understand the financial implications of Asset Management Planning and obtaining the appropriate information for a successful capital project.