Technical Skills For Development

TSD209 - Laboratory Skills for Wastewater Operators

Length: 2 Days
Fee: $650 + tax
CEU Value: 1.4

This two-day course is designed to introduce the daily wastewater testing procedures that are conducted by operations staff at a typical municipal activated sludge treatment plant. This course is ideal for newer wastewater operators. The model lab that is examined is designed more for plant operations, and so more simplified versions of the testing will be covered. The lab procedures laid out in the "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater" is geared to compliance and research and is more complicated and precise than what is needed for day to day plant operation and control. Students will learn characteristics and purpose of WWT, Procedures such as organism identification, protozoa/filamentous organisms, MLSS, MLVSS, TS, TVS, SVI, oxygen uptake rate (OUR), secchi disks and sludge judges and settling rates. Sampling and date handling, conducting and dissolved oxygen tests on mixed liquor, glassware in volumetric analysis and optical microscope parts and their functions are some of the topis discussed.