Water Distribution

DWD413 - Basic Water Treatment for Water Distribution Operators

Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

This one-day course is designed for the Distribution Operator to gain the knowledge and understanding of basic water treatment from source water right through to the final stage in the high lift clear well, from where it will be pumped into the distribution system. The participant will also understand the complexities and challenges that are sometimes associated with the water treatment process and how some of these can affect the distribution system.

Key areas of focus:

  • Water Sources and the Importance of the Multi Barrier Treatment Approach
  • Mandatory Regulations for the Treatment of both Ground and Surface Water
  • The Corrective actions associated with the Mandatory Regulations
  • How the Raw Water is conveyed to the Treatment Facility
  • Pre Treatment Processes from simple Screening to Chemical Additions
  • Monitoring Parameters for Raw Water and effects they have on Filtration
  • Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation
  • Different Filtration Processes such as Rapid Sand and Membrane Filtration
  • Monitoring parameters of Treated Water
  • Cleaning systems of both Rapid Sand and Membrane Filtration
  • Primary Disinfection
  • Contact Chamber what it looks like and what it does Chemical additions such as pH adjustment and Fluoride